Blazing fast order creation and backup

PubMonkey saves your time by instantly creating hundreds of line items for header bidding orders.

Safe Synchronization

Backup, restore and synch your Mopub orders configuration

Easy Header Bidding Management

Create, duplicate and edit line items by the gross

Improved Monetization

Experiment with and test granular orders in seconds

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Get actionable insights for your product


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    PubMonkey allows you to:


    Export and Backup orders

    It exports order and all included line items settings to a JSON file so that you can store them locally and synchronize between your devices.


    Import and Transfer orders

    Tune your orders even being offline by editing JSON file. Import it to any Mopub account in seconds. Same way you can restore pre-saved configuration.


    Create granular orders

    Header bidding specifics requires a big set of similar line items that target a specific price niche. Do not waste hours on routine one-by-one operations.


    Duplicate orders easily

    Experiment with different granularity, advertisers, ad servers, ad units etc. making changes in the whole order, including all embedded line items.


    Multiply line items

    Just make a template line item with custom settings and multiply it with one click. Thus, you will have a possibility to “play” with settings and organise monetization strategy.


    Perform a «health check»

    Based on the experience we’ve got during the last decade, we are creating a tool to analyze odd placements and configuration issues that need to be examined in a finer detail.